Great Crested Grebe Courtship

It was a scorcher of day reaching temperatures of 38 degrees celcius. I had worked the whole morning but decided to go do some bird photography down at the lake around 17:30 even though it was still very hot.

I decided to head out to a place called Herdsman Lake as it is very close to where I live here in Perth and it usually caters for quite a variety of avian species. When I arrived it was eerily quiet, few ducks sleeping, comorants baking in the sun, a black swan gently paddling in the water and one little egret which I tried to capture but was just too far away for my 100-400 lens.

I was just enjoying being out in nature, taking in the sights, sounds and smells even though I was not taking any photos. I then spotted two Great Crested Grebes which I have always wanted to get photos of as I think they just look so majestic but have always somehow eluded me. They were quite far off in the distance and again too far for my lens, so I waited while they worked themselves closer to the shoreline. I then managed to position myself even closer to them by hiding behind a big bushy tree just off the shoreline. I saw one go underwater and came up with something in its mouth, so I started snapping away and then something unbelievable happened, and somehow I managed to capture it all.

I am so thankful for being able to have witnessed and captured the courtship of the grebes. It happened really quick but my trusty Canon 1d Mark IV and its fast frame rates managed to capture a series of shots which really tells a story in itself. I have included the entire series of shots in the gallery above.

Shortly thereafter I came across a Tiger Snake which really freaked me out as they are extremely venemous so therefore decided to head on home. What an unbelievable experience though, one that I would have preferred without the snake!

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