Me making friends with Australian wildlife

About Me

I am from Cape Town, South Africa where photography has been a hobby of mine for many years, some of my photos have been published in various magazines and some are with stock agencies around the world.

Whilst I was working in Dubai, UAE, I attended courses presented by some of the worlds most renowned photographers such as David Tejada, David Nightingale, David Burnett and Tony Corbell.

I have also worked in Perth, Australia in the aviation sector but my hobby of photography, drone flying and cinematography has led me back to South Africa.

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“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”
 Elliott Erwitt

More About Me and My Equipment

I enjoy all aspects of photography and cinematography but especially enjoy aerial cinematography through use of a drone.

Photography and Video Equipment: I use both the Nikon and Canon brand depending on what I am shooting.

I shoot aerial footage through an Inspire 2 drone with video footage available in high quality codecs including Prores 422 HQ and Prores 4444 XQ.

I also use a Canon C100 cinema camera for all land based video work.

Favourite Music: Lets just say I have a wide variety of taste in music as I have been to both a Metallica concert as well as Celine Dion!

Favourite Food: Very Fussy Eater!

Other Hobbies: Metal Detecting (Don’t knock it until you try it – you will be hooked when you find your first gold ring)